Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Peek At My Shopping List - 3/7/13

Buy Kotex U Liners $1.24 each 
Use $2/1 off ANY U by Kotex printable coupon
Free after coupon!

Cool Whip, $0.97 ea.
$1/2 Cool Whip printable coupon
$0.47 each after coupon!


Strawberries $1.29/lb.
Cabbage .69/each (Click here for a great Thai recipe with Cabbage!)
Oranges $1.59 for a 4 lb. bag

Dollar Tree-

Post Shredded Wheat Cereal
Use this manufacturer's $1/1 coupon
FREE after coupon


Market Pantry Pasta $1.02
-$1/3 Target printable coupon here
$0.69 each after coupon

Bananas  .29/lb.
Braeburn apples .77/lb.
Angel Food Cake  .99 with in ad coupon
Fastco Brand Frozen Vegetables  .68 (with price match from Hy-Vee)
Fastco Brand Shredded Cheese  3 for $5 (with price match from Dahl's)

Buy 5 Kraft Food Items, get $4 off with in ad Fareway coupon

Here are some good deals to pair with this coupon:
Kraft Singles $1.99
Miracle Whip $1.99
Philadelphia Cream Cheese .99

Click here to print some manufacturer's coupons that you can also use with this Fareway coupon!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Thanks to my good friend, Stephanie Badger, I now have a way to save money on dishwasher detergent!  Even though I already make my own laundry detergent, I have to admit, I was skeptical that this recipe would work.  I have tried other recipes in the past and they were big flops!  What a pleasant surprise to finally land on a detergent that is not only eco-friendly but also works well!  Give it a try!

Dishwasher Detergent

1 part part Borax
1 part Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
.3 part Lemishine

Store in an airtight container.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shopping and Saving Money

Since my extreme couponing days are now over, you might wonder if I have given up coupons and trying to save money all together.  The answer to that question is a big, resounding, "No Way!"  It looks a little bit different but is less work and still saves us a large amount of money.

Here is a summary of what it currently looks like for me:

1.  I read several money saving blogs each day.
I spend about 20 minutes each afternoon checking money saving blogs that direct me to the current deals at the stores I shop at.  If there is a coupon as part of the deal, these blogs direct me to the needed coupon and I print it immediately.  Good coupons often disappear quickly and if I don't print them each day, I will likely miss out.  Here are the blogs that I read each day:
There are many great sites.  These are just the ones I have settled on and the ones that I feel do a good job of covering the deals.

2.  I do not cut coupons that come in the Sunday newspaper.
This was a BIG change for me.  I used to cut and file every single coupon, every single week.  However, the trend that I have observed is that the online coupons are generally higher in value.  That meant that I was cutting a lot of Sunday newspaper coupons and really wasn't redeeming very many of them.  Only printing the Internet coupons that correspond to a deal, saves me A LOT of time and saves me more money.  Once in a while, I miss a deal by not cutting the Sunday coupons, but the time savings far outweighs the occasional missed savings.

3.  Price matching
There are three competing grocery stores in my area.  One of those grocery stores, is willing to price match the advertised prices of the other two stores.  Each week when the ads arrive, I scour the ads for the best deals and then take all three ads with me to the one store that is willing to price match.  As a side note, when looking at grocery store ads, there is a sure fire way to figure out the best deals.  Usually the great deals are on the front page or if they are on a different page, the items are significantly enlarged.

4.  Take advantage of special, limited time sales.
Many grocery stores are notorious for running special sales on particular days of the week.  In my area, these sales are generally sometime between Thursday-Saturday.  I check the ads each week when they come out and intentionally plan my shopping on the special sale days.  These savings are often very deep and are well worth rearranging my shopping day.  

5.  Menu planning
There are many different ways to menu plan, but no plan at all will almost guarantee that you will spend more at the store.  I make our menu based on what I have on hand and the sale items that I have decided to purchase on any given week.  My grocery shopping trips consist of deals for the week and produce...and no impulse buys, as a general rule. Click here for more information on menu planning from Money Saving Mom.  A quick search on this site will give you all kinds ways to menu plan.

6.  Stockpile
When you think about a stockpile, don't think extreme couponing style or preparing for the end of the world.  This simply means, when an item that you use is a great price, or occasionally even free, I stock up on it.  How much do I stock up, you might ask?  As much as I am fairly certain my family will use before the product expires. 

7.  Just do it
It takes a while to determine what makes a great deal.  I have learned that over time, you start to develop a pretty good idea of what makes a great deal.  But you have to be willing to jump in and just get started!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Am No Longer An Extreme Coupon Shopper

Several years ago when I started this blog, I was an Extreme Coupon Shopper.  Things have changed over the years and I would no longer give myself that label.  Do I still use coupons and take advantage of great deals at my local stores?  Absolutely, yes!

What has changed? 

1.  The profitability has changed. When I started couponing, I was able to make stockpiles of many items that our family used on a regular basis.  Toothpaste, shampoo, pasta, etc.  I have noticed a couple of new trends developing over the last few years.  Many stores have created limits and restrictions on coupons that make acquiring large quantities of cheap/free items more difficult.  For example, Dollar Tree will currently only take 2 internet printable coupons per shopping trip.  I have several computers in my home and am able to print multiple prints of any particular coupon, but if I have to make multiple trips to Dollar Tree just to attain the items, then it's not quite as profitable.  Another trend I have noticed is an increase in price of all items at the store and a decrease in the number and value of coupons being issued.

2.  Our family circumstances have changed.  Through the years, we have had different family members live with us, usually in conjunction with attending the nearby university. We have had singles, couples, and even a young family live with us at various times.   Couponing did provide large quantities of food to help feed all the mouths in the house.  In general, our immediate family has always made very healthy food choices and couponing sometimes supported those choices.  However, it is true that many of the best deals or free items were what most people would consider to be junk food.  With many mouths to feed, having free junk food (sugar cereal, snacks, and treats) was helpful in making those grocery dollars stretch.  Many times those who where living with us didn't share our opinion about healthy food choices and were happy to eat those free items.

3.  Stress and time management has changed.  I began to notice that I was clipping and organizing a large number of coupons that I never actually used.  At one point in time, it seemed profitable to carry those extra coupons around with me in the store, just in case I could pair up one of those coupons with a great clearance deal.  For the reasons listed in number 1 above, that is no longer the case.  I also simply got tired of the amount of time spent in stores telling my children to "shush" while I calculated a coupon deal in my head.  I got tired of spending so much time standing in line, arguing with cashiers, and aggravating those in line behind me.  I got tired of spending so much time on the computer searching out deals while the precious moments of life danced around and right on by me.

4.  Our access to the Sunday paper coupons has changed.  Kum & Go gas stations used to offer a free Sunday paper every Sunday with a gas fill up.  They are no longer doing this and since coupon values are significantly lower than what they used to be, it is not profitable to purchase a paper to obtain the coupons.

So, how do I use coupons and save money now, you might ask?  Stay tuned for an upcoming post!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 Free Issues of Family Circle Magazine

Click here for 2 free issues of Family Circle Magazine. You won't ever receive a bill or need to cancel. Just a freebie!

Free Nature Made Vitamin D Sample

Click here for a free sample of Nature Made Vitamin D! If you live in a colder climate like me, make sure you are getting enough this time of year!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cheap Yoplait Smoothies at Target

Pick up frozen Yoplait Smoothies at Target for .84/bag when you use this $1.25/1 coupon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bath and Body Works Coupon

Print this coupon for any free travel size item at Bath and Body Works with any purchase. Coupon good until 1/26.

More Walgreens Freebies

A few more freebies this week!

Resveratrol Max Dots, $9.99
Use $10/1 Walgreens store coupon from January Coupon Booklet
FREE after Coupon!

Buy two Biore Steam Activated Cleansers, $4.19 each, Get a $5 Register Reward (monthly deal)
Use two $2 Biore Printable Coupons
Pay $4.38 and get a $5 Register Reward
FREE after Coupons and RR

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Free Dishwasher Detergent at Walgreens

Make sure to pick up your free dishwasher detergent at Walgreens this week. Here's how the deal works:

Electrosol or Jet Dry Dish Detergent $3.49, Get a $1.50 Register Rewards when you buy one

Use $2.50/1 Electrasol Dish Detergent from 1/2 SS insert
FREE plus $0.51 in overage after coupon and register rewards

Saturday, January 1, 2011

High Value Tribe Hummus Coupon

"Like" Tribe Hummus on Facebook and then enter their sweeps for a chance to win various prizes. After entering the sweeps, you will be able to print a $2/1 coupon.

This coupon is a pdf coupon which means you can save it and legitimately print as many times as you would like. It does not expire until 4/30/11. Walmart carries this product for $2.98 before coupon. In my store it was located near the deli area near the front of the store.

Walgreens Deals - January 2-8

There are lots of deals at Walgreens this week, but here are a few freebies that I plan to pick up.

Children’s Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Flu Medicine $8.99, Earn a $9 RR when you buy one
Use $2/1 Oscillococcinum printable
PLUS use $5/1 Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief Walgreens IVC
Pay $1.99 and get back one $9 RR

Omega Factor-3 $10, earn a $10 RR when you buy one
Free after register rewards

SalonPas Arthritis Pain Patches 5ct $5.99, Earn a $6RR when you buy one
Free after register rewards

High Value Jimmy Dean Coupon

"Like" Jimmy Dean on Facebook and then share with 3 friends and you will receive a link via email for a $2.50/1 coupon for Jimmy Dean D-Light. This should make for a free or inexpensive breakfast.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hy-Vee Deals - May 5-11

Here are some Hy-Vee deals this week!
Ronzoni Pasta- $1.25
Use .75/1 printable here or here
$0.50 after coupon
Oretega Taco or Guacamole Seasoning- $0.75
Use .75/2 from 4/18 SmartSource insert
$0.38 each after coupon
Hy-Vee Wafers or Cookies - $1.00
There is an online coupon here, for $1 off any shampoo.
Combine with a manufacturer coupon or inexpensive shampoo
Price will vary
Hy-Vee Mustard (24oz.)- $0.88

Fareway Deals - May 5 - 11

Here are some great Fareway deals this week!

7Up/Dr. Pepper 2 Liters- $0.72

Pepsi Product 2 Liters- $0.72

Fastco White Bread - $0.72

5 lb. Green Giant Potatoes - $0.72

Betty Crocker Potatoes- $0.72
Use .25/1 from the Sunday paper insert
$0.47 each after coupon

Banquet Dinners- $0.72

Hamburger Helper- $1
Buy 3 and use the .75/3 coupon from 5/2 SmartSource
$0.75 each after coupon

Fastco Canned Vegetables- $0.36

Real Fresh Pudding Packs- $0.72

Hormel Pepperoni or Canadian Bacon- $1.25
Use .35/1 coupon from 5/2 SmartSource insert
$0.90 after coupon

Fast Fixin Chicken (3lb. bag) - $3.99
Use $1/1 coupon from All You magazine
$2.99 after coupon (or .67 per lb.)

VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner- $0.72

Aim Toothpaste- $0.89

Palermo's Classic Pizza - $1.72
Use $1/1 coupon from Sunday paper insert
$0.72 after coupon

Tony's Pouches, Crispy Crust, or Pizza For One- $0.98
Buy 2 and use the $1/2 coupon from Sunday paper insert
$.48 each after coupon

Fresh Green Beans- $0.88/lb.

Roma Tomatoes- $0.88/lb.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hy-Vee Deals - April 28-May 4

Here are a few deals at Hy-Vee this week!

Strawberries - $0.97/lb.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix - $0.79

Hy-Vee Ice Cream - $1.88

Van Camp's Pork and Beans - $0.39

Old El Paso Taco Seasoning - $0.69
Purchase 6 and get a $3 catalina coupon
$0.19 each after catalina

Marcal Small Step Bathroom Tissue - $1.98
Use $2/1 coupon from 4/25 SmartSource insert
FREE after coupon

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls - $1
Buy 2 and use this $1/2 printable
$0.50 each after coupon

Coffee-Mate Creamer - $1.66
Buy 3 and use Buy 2, Get 1 Free printable
Also use two .50/1 coupons from the 2/7 Red Plum insert
$0.78 each after coupons

Wholly Guacamole - $2.50
Use this $1.50/1 printable
$1 after coupon

20 Photo Prints - FREE
Order online using code APRIL20

Fareway Deals - April 28-May 4

Here are some great Fareway deals this week!

Fastco Ice Cream - $1.89

Skippy Peanut Butter - $0.97

Bush's Baked Beans - $1.48
Buy 2 and use $1/2 from 4/18 SmartSource insert
$0.98 each after coupon

Ragu Spaghetti Sauce - $0.97

Fastco Corn or Nacho Chips - $0.97

1 Dozen Large Eggs - $0.88 w/ in ad coupon

Chicken Hindquarters- $0.39 w/ in ad coupon

Fastco Pork and Beans- $0.33 w/ in ad coupon

Ritz Crackers - FREE w/ in ad coupon and purchase of 2 Kraft Cheeses
Use $1/2 coupons found near cheese
$3.00 for 2 packages of cheese and 1 box Ritz crackers

Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Grocery Deals This Week

Well, not exactly. There are grocery deals this week, but I will not be posting this week or next due to some upcoming appointments at Mayo Clinic. Check out Money Saving Mom's tabs on the right hand side of her blog for grocery deals at Cub, Fareway, and Hy-Vee.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hy-Vee Deals - April 7-13

Here are some Hy-Vee deals this week!

Broccoli or Cauliflower - $0.99
Hy-Vee English Muffins - $0.88

Hidden Valley Dressing - $2.77
Use $2/1 from 3/14 SmartSource (If Roadhouse variety is included)
$0.77 after coupon

Banquet Meals - $0.88
Buy 4 and use $1.50/4 printable
$0.51 each after coupon

Midwest Country Fare Bleach - $0.88 w/in ad coupon

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn - $1.79
Buy 2 and use $2/2 printable
$0.79 each after coupon

Hy-Vee Pudding Cups - $0.88

Hy-Vee Ketchup - $0.99

Select Kellogg's Cereals - $2.50
Buy 5 and use $5/5 Hy-Vee coupon here
Use two $1/2 coupons from 3/7 Red Plum insert
$1.10 each after coupons

There is a Kellogg's Catalina for free milk thru 4/10:
Buy 3-4 Kellogg's cereals, Get 1 FREE gallon of milk
Buy 5-6 Kellogg's cereals, Get 2 FREE gallons of milk
Buy 7 Kellogg's cereals, Get 3 FREE gallons of milk

Fareway Deals - April 7-13

Here are some Fareway deals this week! Not a lot of coupon match-ups but some good prices worth checking out!

Dole Bananas - $0.29/lb.

Fastco Shredded Cheese - 2/$2 with in ad coupon

Chicken Hindquarters - $0.39/lb.

Fastco Pop (2 Liters) - $0.49

Fastco Peanut Butter - $0.88

Fastco Potato Chips - $0.77

Fuji Apples - $0.88/lb.

Seedless Grapes, Broccoli, Green Beans, and Yellow Onions - $0.99/lb.