Monday, April 28, 2008

It Pays To Ask

A reader sent in a great story about how you can save money just by asking!

"We went to Walmart last night to do some grocery shopping. I told my husband we were getting milk at Aldi because it is cheaper there. An employee overheard me and asked me how much milk was at Aldi. (Walmart is $3.25 for a gallon of Great Value 2%, Aldi is $2.69. She went and talked to the manager of the dairy department and he said he would match Aldi's price. I was really surprised! I asked him if he would price match ice cream (Walmart Great Value brand is$2.50, Aldi is $1.69) and he said I would have to talk to the frozen foods manager but he didn't see why they wouldn't match the price. They would rather have us spend our money there than go to a competitor's store!"


Amanda said...

Wal-Mart will price match any stores competing ads. If you have a copy of the ad, just take it with you and they will match the price.

Anonymous said...

I price match all the time at Walmart! Some of the grocery stores I would like to go to are a farther distance away than Walmart, so I just price match them. It saves gas. Just remember that other stores may double coupons, while Walmart does not.

Anonymous said...

Wow were do you al live where milk is 2.69 or 3.25 a gallon.
Our superwalmart has the highest milk prices in town 4.39 and its great value
Mcarthur is almost 6.00

i usually just go to cvs becase its 3.99 there and thats a bargain
I'm in FL
Where are you all , or should I say y'all!

Wendy said...

Iowa ;-)