Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Free Zantac

Click here to print a $5 coupon for Zantac Cool Mint. Regular price at Walmart is $3.98!

After you purchase your Zantac, click here and enter the UPC code. You will then be able to print yet another $5 Zantac coupon!


Terina said...

Thanks. I was heading out to Walmart to try my free Scotch Brite coupon.

Crys said...

My Walmart says they don't accept printed coupons!

Wendy said...

That's possible.

Each store can decide if they will accept internet coupons. However, every now and then I find a cashier at my Walmart that says the same thing. I usually say, "I'm pretty sure you do accept internet coupons. Would you mind checking with the manager?" And that usually resolves it.

If you didn't hear it straight from a manager, I would try again or call and talk to a store manager.