Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update on Kellogg's/Kmart Rebate

Here is an update on the outcome of the Kellogg's cereal rebate found in a free magazine in Kmart during the month of April.

Another shopper had called Kellogg's CS directly about the rebate and was told that you had to purchase the cereal at the store where the magazine was found. However, the rebate form did not state that information. By the time I found out, I had already purchased my cereal at a different store and sent in the rebate, as did several other readers.

The full $10 rebate check arrived in the mail today!! The check was made out to me even though the original offer stated that the check would be made out to the store where the cereal was purchased. It wasn't such a bad deal after all!! If you participated in this rebate, watch your mail box...your check may be coming too!

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