Monday, June 23, 2008

Frugal Organic Fruit

Looking for a way to get some free organic fruit for your family? Why not look to freecycle? If you are unfamiliar with freecycle it is an online community of people giving & getting stuff for free in their own towns. (There are 3,700 members just in my county in the middle of Iowa.)

How would you use freecycle to get free organic fruit, you might ask? Simply post that you are looking for someone willing to let you pick their fruit tree. There are many people who have fruit trees and cannot or do not want to pick the fruit. Thus, free organic fruit for your family!

Another idea is to take a walk/bike/drive around your neighborhood? Sound silly? In our community there are fruit trees growing wild in many of the parks and public areas of the town. Simply make a call to your city and ask permission to pick the fruit. Make sure to ask if they spray around any of the places you are wanting to pick. Just in our community alone, we have picked apples, mulberries, and plums. We freeze the apples, for apple crisp in the winter time. The mulberries are frozen and made into delicious smoothies.

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