Thursday, June 5, 2008

Internet Coupon Tip

For those of you are somewhat new to internet coupons, it may be helpful to know this little trick.

If you can't get a coupon to print, try switching to a different browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try switching to Firefox. Often the coupon will not print in one browser, but will print fine in another.


OnlyOnSale said...

great thing to mention as it seems many don't know about this. i linked it in my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have tips when a bricks says you have already printed this and you haven't ever printed it? Or when they tell you to install the coupon printer even though it is already installed?

Wendy said...

When brick says you have already printed a coupon and you haven't printed the coupon, it usually means that coupon is no longer available or has expired.

When it tells you to install the coupon printer even though you already have it installed, I always try switching browsers first. If that doesn't work, I try reinstalling the coupon printer. Sometimes my hubby cleans up the computer and I really do need to reinstall.

Hope that helps.

larson fam said...

Yes, good tip. And if it doesn't print the FIRST time in a browser, switch browsers BEFORE you try to print again. Often if you try and print twice from a browser that's not working, when you find the browser that works, you'll have reached your print limit :( Very frustrating....not that I have any experience or anything!!!

Kimbers867 said...

I finally switched to firefox and have been a printing fool!!!