Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What To Do With All Those Magazine Subscriptions

If you are like me, you may have more FREE magazine subscription than you know what to do with! Here are some ideas to make those magazines work toward helping your budget dollars stretch.

1. Send a magazine subscription to a friend or family member as a birthday/Christmas gift.

2. Take a current issue of a magazine that you subscribe to and use as part of welcome gift for a new neighbor. Add some home baked treats (like these) and you've got a frugal welcome gift.

3. Another blogger recommending a great wedding shower idea. Put together a Prewedding Essentials Basket for the bride to be. Stick in a current issue of magazine and some of the free samples that you get in the mail. (Everything from samples of cereal to deodorant samples would work great!)

How would you use a magazine subscription to make your budget dollars stretch? Leave a comment below!

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Rose said...

Some used bookstores (like Half Price Books) will purchase used magazines. Though it's not a lot of cash, it's a great way to recycle issues you've already read through.