Saturday, July 19, 2008

800 Number Adventure - Eating Organic/Natural

One of the best ways to save a lot of money is to combine manufacturer's coupons with store coupons or rebates. The more manufacturer's coupons you can accumulate, the more likely you will be able to take advantage of each week's deals.

Aside from coupon inserts in the newspapers, you can call or email companies, asking if they have any coupons (or samples) that they could send you. Sometimes they will even send you coupons for free products! These coupons usually arrive within 2 weeks.

(If you missed the 800 Number series I did a while back, you can click "800 Numbers" Label on the right side of this blog. I posted 800 number calling tips and more 800 numbers to get some great freebies and coupons.)

If you have give companies a good reason for wanting coupons/samples, they will often be very generous. Tell them if you have dietary needs/concerns, if you are new to organic eating, or simply want to try the product out on your kids.

I have decided to extend the series to see what would happen if I called natural and organic companies! I am happy to report that so far, many companies have graciously sent out some amazing coupons!

Here are the companies I have called and what they sent me:

Boulder Chips (800-279-2250) - Sent 4 coupons for FREE bags of chips

Blue Sky Beverage Company (by email only)- Sent a coupon for a free beverage & other cents off coupons!

Rudi's Organic Bakery (1-877-293-0876)- Cents off coupons

Rustic Crust (by email only)- Samples and Cents off coupons

Earthbound Farms (1-800-690-3200)- Once you are on their mailing list they send cents off coupons monthly.

VitaSpelt (1-800-99-SPELT)- Cents off coupons

Apples & Eve Juice (1-800-969-8018)- Free Product Coupon and cents off coupons

R.W. Knudsen (1-888-569-6993)- Cents off coupons.

Little Bear (1-800-434-4246)- Cents off coupons

Earth's Best (1-800-434-4246)- Cents off coupons

Spectrum Naturals (Online form)- Cents off coupons

Hansen's (1-800-HANSENS)-Cents off coupons

Organic Valley (Online Form)- Once you are on their mailing list they send cents off coupons monthly.

Seeds of Change (1-888-762-7333)- Cents off coupons

French Meadow Bakery (1-877-No-Yeast)- Cents off coupons

Blue Horizon Organic (Online Form)- Free product coupon and cents off coupons

Stretch Island (1-800-700-9687)- 2 Free Product Coupons

Larabar ( 4 Product Samples

Zola Acai (866.972.6879)- 6 Bottles of Juice

Chebe (1-800-217-9510)- Product Samples and Coupons

PureFit Nutrition Bars (866-787-3348)- Product Samples

It's amazing how much you can save just by asking! I'll post more as they arrive in my mailbox!

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toad said...

you have encouraged me so much with this post. i have been emailing every company that i can think of asking for coupons/ samples. i have heard from some of them already...will let you know if i get some great returns from the contacts.

also, just got my first sample from walmart...i have been checking their site for new ones all of the time. thanks for all of the leg work that you do!