Tuesday, July 22, 2008

800 Number Update- Organic & Natural

For those of you who have been following the 800 Number Series, I have some great new samples and coupons to report!

Below is a list of some companies and the great things they sent!

Clif (1-800-254-3227)- 5 product samples

Enjoy Life
(888-50-ENJOY)- Cents off coupons and product samples

Turtle Mountain (1-866-388-7853)- Cents off coupons

Boiron (1-800-264-7661)- Cents off coupons and a great guide to Homeopathy

EO (1-800-570-3775)- Product Sample

Barbara's Bakery (800-343-0590)- Cents off coupons

Nature's Path (1-888-808-9505)- Product Sample

Ecover (800-449-4925)- Cents off coupon

San-J (800-446-5500)- Product Sample

Bionaturae (by email at info@bionaturae.com)- Cents off coupons

Dr. Ken's (1-877-FLOSSGO)- Product Sample

Dr. Praeger's (Online form)- Cents off coupons

Glee Gum (email only at info@gleegum.com)- Buy One, Get One coupons and product samples

Annie Chun's (info@anniechun.com)- Cents off coupons and 3 FREE product coupons

Gorge Delights Just Fruit (online form)- Samples

Sensible Foods (888-222-0170)- Samples

Wholemato (email at jason@wholemato.com) - Samples

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1 comment:

toad said...

i just contacted ALL of these too. thanks again for all of the leg work that you do that makes this so easy for all of us. i have been going through every product i can think of and emailing them also...i'll let you know how i make out!