Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eating Cheap = Eating Junk??

Many people that ask me about "couponing" wonder if they will have to sacrifice healthy eating for spending less on food.

We feed 6 people (4 adults) on less than $250 per month. We eat much organic food, lots of fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Although we do get some "junk" food free, we use it when we need to bring treats to picnics, work, family gatherings, etc. It also makes for an occasional treat for our family.

Looking for a good place to start?
I recently read a great article on the 20 Healthiest Foods for under $1.00. (Thanks, Marcus!) It talks about 20 Healthy and Cheap Foods, why they are good for you and practical ways to incorporate them into your kitchen.

Click here to check it out!

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Amphritrite said...

I feed one person (sometimes two, plus two kitties) on about $90/month, and I can definitely say that Eating Cheap does not mean that you have to eat out of a box or your freezer.

I spend the majority of my budget on fruits and veggies on a weekly basis; I live, literally, blocks from Pike Place market in Seattle, so the Saturday market always brings some sort of cheap produce to me. Often, they'll even give you things for free if you're a regular.

That said, the rest of my budget is spent on staples - baking supplies, rice, beans and noodles, etc. I tend to watch for these to go on sale and then stockpile.

Very rarely, I'll find an awesome deal on snacky things or sugary things (a couple weeks ago, I picked up three bags of Milano cookies at $1 each), and so I'll buy some with what's left in my budget and move on.

The important part is not to change how you're eating, but change how you're thinking. Do you really need empty carbs and full-sugar items? On the other hand, do you really need expensive bananas this week? (Check out One Frugal Girl's struggle with this concept:

It seems very complicated, but if you can get out of your regular routine, plan for the future, and make good food choices for yourself, you can eat cheaply and eat well.