Monday, July 7, 2008

Give Back at Operation Smile

Thanks to Bethany for sending me this information about Operation Smile:

"Oral-B will donate one foot of dental floss to Operation Smile for every visitor that clicks through the link on their web site. No strings attached, no personal information required. It takes less than 5 seconds. Operation Smile is an organization that helps repair facial deformities in children throughout the world.

There is less than 3 weeks left and they had only collected 1477 feet of floss as of the morning of July 4th. That averages less than 12 people a day visiting the site since the beginning of the program. I have forwarded this link to as many people as I can and asked them to do the same. In 3 days the total jumped by about 200 feet of floss. So you can see what a little community awareness can do. But this is still only 2% of their goal. I believe your compassionate readers could really make a difference if they were made aware."

Click here to help with Operation Smile!

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