Thursday, July 10, 2008

Product Rebates

Out of all the money saving things I do, individual product rebates (those offered by the manufacturer) are pretty low on my priority list. However that doesn't mean that participating in these rebates has been a waste of my time and money.

I started doing individual product rebates around the 1st of the year. In most instances, I only fill out rebates for products that are completely free after rebate. I watch for coupons to use in conjunction with the rebate because most companies will refund you the full price of the product before the coupon. I look at it as paying for my stamp or tax on the item.

The amount of rebate checks that I have received since January 1st just reached $260.92! Here's a brief list of some of the items we have gotten free with rebates: carpet cleaner, laundry soap, cough medicine, pasta, cereal, and chicken nuggets.

Wondering how to find the extra money in your budget for rebate items? Click here to read this post!


Anonymous said...

Does it always have to be the original cash register receipt. I was trying to start rebates but usually send in a copy of my receipt because I always want to keep my original with other stuff on it.

Wendy said...

Usually, yes.

It's always best to send the original even if the form doesn't say you need it. It may save you a lot of hassle later on.

I sometimes purchase the rebate item on a separate receipt if there are other items I am purchasing that I want to keep a separate receipt for.