Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Blowout Sale-Updated!

Many of you are familiar with fellow blogger Crystal at Money Saving Mom. She has been so helpful in teaching me about how to save A LOT of money! We have literally cut our grocery budget by over $100 per month by putting into practice what we have learned from Money Saving Mom.

If you are wondering how you can save over 50% on your grocery budget, I would highly recommend that you read Crystal's Supermarket Savings 101 ecourse!

Crystal is having a Huge Summer Blowout Sale on all her ebooks, downloadables, and audio workshops--including her Supermarket Savings 101 eCourse. They are all on sale in one package deal for $8.97! This price is only good today, July 31th!!

CLICK HERE to read more about this huge sale! Hurry, though, the price goes up tomorrow--get this money-saving ebook package at a really low price while you can!


Dawn said...

I tried to click on the "email me" link but my new computer wouldn't let me go that route somehow. Could you respond to this post with your actual email address so I can put in my address list?

Also, a few questions about getting started: 1) Could you tell us the days that you do your shopping if you do it on certain days because of when sales start (for example, do you go on Sundays because that's when some ads like Target's come out?), 2) what are some basic coupon rules you follow; do you only buy non-essential things when they are a certain price or do you only use coupons when you can use both a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon, etc. My mind is just built to see the structure of things first and the rules, then I can fill in the details on my own! : ) I am excited about couponing and saving money, but I don't want to overspend and buy unnecessary things as a result, 3) and lastly do you try to stock up on sale items and if so how do you manage your pantry/stockpile?

Thanks SOOO much!
Dawn Graber

Dawn said...

Sorry to bother you with another question, but is there a way to "subscribe" to your blog where I will know when you've posted something new without checking your site daily?

Wendy said...

Sure! Use the email...

1)My shopping is a little specific to where I live. I shop Fareway once per week in Nevada and do all the Cub/Hy-Vee deals that I want for the week at Fareway. Then I shop Walgreens, Walmart, and Target (occassionally Hy-Vee and Cub if it is a deal that I can't do at Fareway) on whatever day I have to go to Ames for something else. So Fareway is consistant, the other stores are inconsistant to save on gas.

2) My rule of thumb is if it is free, pick it up. If it is almost free and we will use it, pick it up. If it is almost free and we wouldn't normally use it, but we could use it to take the place of something else we would normally have to buy, pick it up. I am always thinking in terms of, "Maybe we wouldn't eat that, but it would make a great snack when family comes to visit or when my hubby needs to take treats to work, etc." or "Maybe we don't need the almost free baby wipes, but they would make a nice addition to a baby gift."

3)I do stock up on sale items. It was hard to do a lot of stocking up when I first started "couponing" but as you start saving money, you will find that you have more wiggle room in you budget to stock up on sale items. Items usually go on sale about every 6-12 weeks so I try to stock up 6-12 weeks worth of a particular item. The exception is if the item is free or almost free, then I might stock up more than usual.

My husband built some shelves in our basement to help with stocking up. A few bigger shelves at first, then followed by this for the little stuff. ;-) Don't laugh too hard.

4)As of right now, I don't have my blog set up to email people updates. I'm not very good with technology, but I may have to figure it out sometime aren't the first one to ask.