Friday, July 25, 2008

Walgreens - August Free After Rebate

Thanks to Hooray for Freebates for posting these deals that are free after rebate all month in August! July 25-August 30

1. Walgreens Soft White Light Bulbs 4 Pack or 3 Way Single up to $1.99

2. Living Solutions Vacuum Bags 21.5"x33.5" or 13.4"x19.5"/18"x22.5" 2-pack up to $5.99

3. Living Solutions Vacuum Bag 35"x48" up to $9.99

4. BioINFUSION Organics or Olive Hair Care up to $5.99 **LIMIT 2!!**

5. Walgreens Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge up to $6.99

6. jane Be Pure Mineral Powder, Brush or Foundation up to $4.99 **get a $2 coupon here

7. Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo or Conditioner, 13.5 oz. up to $4.29 ** check for peelies to turn this into a money maker! Also 6/29 SS $3 or $2 coupons or $1 here

New to shopping at Walgreens and wondering if it can help your budget? Click here for a great Walgreens tutorial from Money Saving Mom.


Anonymous said...

How do I get the Jane cosmetics coupon? I filled out the questionaire on the website, and I got a confirmation e-mail from them, but no coupon! Can anyone help?

Sara said...

Me too. Confirmation email but not coupon.
Also, this may seem like an obvious question, but if you use coupons to buy the items that are "free after rebate" does Walgreens still give you the full rebate amount? Thus you make money on the deal? Thanks.