Saturday, August 16, 2008

Facebook Coupon Update

Direct from the Facebook Check It Out Application Page:

Dear Check It Out User,

Thank for your support and enthusiasm, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our guiding principle is to help you stretch your household budget as far as possible, particularly in these challenging economic times. Please continue to help us with this goal as we address the current unfortunate situation. As many of you may have heard, our system was breeched resulting in the illegal spreading of fraudulent copies of our coupons via email or PDF. We are extremely saddened by this occurrence and understand the frustration that many of you feel, as we have families and children of our own.

That said, it has been several days since the print limits of our offers were reached. Unfortunately copies of the coupons are still being illegally circulated on the Internet, making it impossible to determine which are legitimate and which are not. Each of our coupons clearly states that "offer void if altered or copied.

Our teams are working diligently to resolve all issues so we can continue bringing you quality offers.

It is an unfortunate but sad reality; however, in order to protect our retailers and all of you responsible coupon users, all coupons will now be considered invalid copies. We are working with all industry players and word is going out to the retailers to not accept them.

The abuse by the few has lead to this decision which sadly affects the many. Despite this setback, the overall result of our initial launch has been overwhelmingly successful. We are currently working with manufacturers and sponsors to bring you a wider range of offers based largely on the products that you told us you wanted to see."


Katie said...

What happen to the $6 california pizza kitchen coupon? Yesterday it was there and now it isn't. That really stinks. I didn't get to print it out.

Jeanine said...

I printed out tons of these coupons yesterday...thank goodness since they are now all at $.50.
I got six bottles of Pantene shampoo at CVS for's on sale this week for $5.99 and I used the $6.00 coupons! I also got 5 CA Pizzas today at Wal-Mart for FREE...they're only $5.50 there...and the cashier still gave me $6.00 off each, which went towards my total purchase!!

Anonymous said...

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