Thursday, August 14, 2008

FREE Band-Aids!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for posting how to get Band-Aids FREE this week at Walgreens!

Band-Aids are on sale $2.99. Buy 2 and receive $3.00 in Register Rewards. Use (2) $1/1 coupons in 6/15 or 6/22 coupon insert and (1) $1/1 coupon from the Walgreens coupon coloring book. (It will take $1 off each box even though you only use one coupon). Final Price is FREE with possible overage!


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Getting my register rewards on this buy two BandAids deal was like pulling off a Bandaid! I checked out at the cosmetics counter like I've heard I should and the girl at the counter rung me up, but there were no register rewards. I asked about this and said that I thought these products were part of the Register Rewards offer. She said, "no." I said "Are you sure?" She said "yes." So I went to my vehicle to review the ad and to shorten this long story, the assistant manager after a lot of messing around finally gave me the $3 reward on a gift card. I thought I heard the manager ask her if she knew how to ring up her coupons and she said no. So did the way she rang up the coupons cause all this mess?

Also, each time I've gone to get something that is on sale it's been completely out. Is there a best day to go to Walgreens?

Wendy said...

Maybe. Here is a couple things to remember.

You must have as many items as you have coupons.

AND...This is the order to hand the cshier the coupons...

Register Rewards first
Then manufacturer's coupons
Then store coupons

I'm not sure what day is best to shop at your store. The best thing you can do is call and ask them what day their truck comes in each week and when they usually have the new stuff out on the shelves. That may be the best way to figure it out.