Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Right@Home Giveaway

For those of you who have participated in the SC Johnson's Clean Home Giveaway in the past, this is pretty much the same thing, with a new name! Thanks to Budget Helps for letting us know about this new giveaway straight from the Right @ Home website.

"We're offering our Welcome Home Gift Pack to the first 10,000 people to respond. Each gift pack includes a free 10-count pack of medium Ziploc Brand Zip 'n Steam™ Microwave Steam Cooking Bags and one Glade Air Infusions in Clean Linen™ fragrance. These products will help you enjoy the time you spend at home, doing the things you love. In addition, each gift pack includes coupons for Pledge, Oust, Glade and Shout products-with a total value of $3.80. Use them yourself or share with a friend."

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