Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today's Shopping

Here is a picture of this week's shopping!

My total after coupons and one rebate was .40! I also purchased 4 loaves of whole grain bread and 2 cartons of soy milk that are not in the picture (ran out of room on my table). I would have paid $197.05 without coupons/rebate. I shopped at Target, Kmart, Walmart, and Hy-Vee.

This is a great example of how asking friends/family/coworkers for extra copies of the Sunday paper coupon inserts can really boost your shopping. I was able to get multiples of several items because I had multiple copies of Sunday coupons. (A big thanks to those who so generously give me their coupons!)

Do I need 2 diabetic monitors when I am not diabetic? Nope. However, the monitors cost between $16-$19. The coupon from the Sunday paper was a $20 coupon. The overage helps pay for some of my other groceries. The monitors can be given to a friend, sole unopened at a garage sale, or donated to the local nursing home.

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Mercedes said...

Awesome haul! you did great!

Londa said...

Wow! I'm waiting for the Olympics for Frugal Moms! (OFFM!) You will totally win! Thanks for the inspiration!

Caffeine Queen said...

Do you have a post on how you do this? i have been reading a lot of different blogs but do not really know exactly how to get it down to spending that little.